trailer park chic

When I moved into my new place, my first place all to myself that I could decorate however I wanted, my mind went straight to taxidermy.


I do love a good stuffed critter.  Good is the operative word in that sentence, and unfortunately for me, good taxidermy costs a pretty penny more than my taxidermy budget. So I tucked away my fantasies of a pretty little fox sitting on a tree branch, one lazy hind leg dangling (yes, I had a specific piece in mind, why do you ask?), and switched my focus on a pair of mounted antlers. That I could paint. Turquoise.

The way my life has been going of late, many little things have fallen into place, easy as pie. When I went to Minnesota last month, I told my best friend about my antler plan. Two days later we were clawing our way through piles of antiques in a mom & pop shop, and she discovered this:

Except, um, they weren’t turquoise when I bought them. I guess I didn’t take a “before” photo. Oops.

A twenty-dollar pair of mounted antlers. Plink. Right into place.

It took me a month to find the right paint, decide on fabric, and research upholstery techniques, but last night I finally sat down and did it.

What it looked like after a lot of grunting, cursing, and one mildly-gashed shin. The mount, the antlers and their plaster-of-paris “skull”, the dusty old felt, and a hammer. Don’t ever accuse me of being delicate.

The back of the “skull” mount. Those are real brass tacks holding the felt to the board; I love them, even though they were a total bitch to remove.


I wrapped the “skull” in fabric, attached it with those brass tacks & some lovely old upholstery nails, and stuck that bad boy back on his mount. Ta-dah!

He lives in the kitchen now.

I think he needs a name.


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