Cowbird is getting most of my attention at the moment, but I have a few things planned over here. Just need to screw up my courage a little bit more, and figure out how to be diplomatic and honest at the same time.

That’s tricky. The truth is so relative. And I’m pretty sure parts of mine will piss a few people off.

Maybe they deserve it.

First, back up the hill for sheep and swimming. Which, yes, is a little bit of a strange combination, but I won’t enjoy them at the same time and hey, I grew up in the woods. It comes with the territory.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Sheep and swimming …even if its not at the same time…sounds interesting.

    And …so long as you are doing something that you feel worth it…whether it be here…or that other cowbird site …that is good ok *smiles*

    And hopes what you are wanting to say is not causing you too much stress.

  2. Not too much stress, just trying to be diplomatic. I want to talk about slightly more…sensitive topics. That involve sex, and some not-great memories I’ve had recently. Diplomacy, that thing that doesn’t come naturally to me… 🙂

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