the girl

(Photo: Jessica Layman)

I like making stuff. I like trying stuff. I have access to a huge old Wedgewood stove and I’m not afraid to use it.


18 thoughts on “the girl

    • Not bad! I went on vacation & just got back. Getting my feet back under me, I’ll have more stories soon. How are you? Good to see you back. 🙂 XO

      • yah…welcome home to you then *smiles*

        And thanks for the welcome back too … not sure how much blogging I will do this month. Reading others for sure….and commenting too. I am writing a bunch this month (not the blogs though) …. so that is taking up some of my time.

        So where did you go for vacation?

  1. Okay you…you do know how unfair it is that I cannot comment on your blogs right? lol

    Tell me that was REAL…omg I have to live vicairously though someone…and that sound JUST to yum! lol

    • It was real. A very happy new year…ahem.

      Turning off the comments makes it easier for me to write with that kind of honesty, so maybe there’s a silver lining there? I hope at least! : )

      • OMG. I am sooooo envious lol….yahhhh you! And … its okay about the comment being off…I was being a goofball *s*

        Now that I now it was reall…going to read it again.

  2. Ok….I WILL leave another post here lol….I really am not stalking you….no no…that is not me behind the dark bushes waiting with keyboard in hand….ready to type a response at a moments notice. *giggles*.

    Hope all is well with you.

    • 🙂 It is! I’ve started two posts that have turned into stories for different spots, and I’ve been distracted by a lovely new relationship. All good things, but doesn’t leave time for much by way of blogging. I’ll get back to it soon…must make time…

      • Yahh…that is super great news *smiles*. Jumps up and down and up and down for you.

        Ok…so no time for blogging … I say…if you have to not have time…that is the BEST reason. Shush on making time…you make time for you.

        I love when I see people finding love…and being happy. It REALLY makes me smile. Yahhhhhhhh you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. *gentle smile…and a hug*. I think I am the only one who knows to come here to post you when you have turned off comments. Hopes I am not disturbing … I wanted to let you know I did more than hit the like…and that I read … and understand.

    • Thank you for the hug and for telling me about comments! I thought I’d turned them back on. Not disturbing at all. 🙂 I appreciate it.

      • I think it might be WordPress being wonky. I know for a lot of people, including me…the notification and follow features are turning off on and randomly. Also, my Reader section sometimes has the scroll feature work…then not work.

        And even if it is not WordPress’s fault about the comment thing, let’s blame them anyway! lol

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  5. I got your note on my blog ….about the Note blog post. *hugs* …thank you …

    Today I am doing well *s* (it is now Sunday…the 3rd day out from my 1st treatment. Yesterday was blech…..but today is better for sure.

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